Competitive History

2020-2021 season

Short Program: “Never Tear Us Apart” by Bishop Briggs

Free Skate: Piano Concerto No. 2 by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Choreography by Pasquale Camerlengo


U.S. Championships (Las Vegas, Nevada) – 3rd
Skate America (Las Vegas, Nevada) – 4th


2019-2020 season

Short Program: “A Storm is Comin” (featuring Liv Ash) produced by Tommee Profitt from Cinematic Songs, Vol. 5.

Written by Bryan Fowler, Liv Ash, Mike Ash & Tommee Profitt

Choreography by Misha Ge

Free Skate: “Experience” by Ludovico Einuadi and music from the movie Moonlight

Choreography by Pasquale Camerlengo


U.S. Championships (Greensboro, North Carolina) – 4th

Golden Spin (Zagreb, Croatia) – 1st

Internationaux de France (Grenoble, France) – 4th

Skate America (Las Vegas, Nevada) – 5th

U.S. International Classic (Salt Lake City, Utah) – 1st

2018-2019 season

Short Program: “Bella Belle,” by the Electric Swing Circus

Free Skate: W.E. Soundtrack by Abel Korzeniowski

Choreography by Pasquale Camerlengo


ISU World Team Trophy (Fukuoka, Japan) – 1st Team (5th place in both short program and free skate)

ISU World Championships (Saitama, Japan) – 9th

Four Continents Championships (Anaheim, California) – 4th

U.S. Championships (Detroit, Michigan) – 1st

Golden Spin of Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia) – 5th

Rostelecom Cup (Moscow, Russia) – 6th

Skate America (Everett, Washington) – 3rd

Ondrej Nepela Trophy (Bratislava, Slovakia) – 1st

U.S. International Classic (Salt Lake City, Utah) – 1st

2017-2018 Season

Short Program:  “I’ll Take Care of You” covered by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa.

Free Skate Program: Medley from The Great Gatsby 2013 movie soundtrack.


Four Continents Championships (Taipei City, Chinese Taipei) – 2nd

U.S. Championships (San Jose, California) – 4th

Cup of China (Beijing, China) – 6th

Nebelhorn Trophy (Oberstdorf, Germany) – 7th

Lombardia Trophy (Bergamo, Italy) – 4th

2016-2017 Season

Short Program:  I Put a Spell on You by Jay Hawkins, performed by Annie Lennox

Free Skate Program: The Prayer performed by Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion


World Team Trophy (Tokyo, Japan) – 3rd (Team) (5th place in both short program and free skate)

Four Continents Championships (Gangneung, Korea) — 9th

U.S. Championships (Kansas City, Missouri) — 3rd

Golden Spin (Zagreb, Croatia) — 3rd

Finlandia Trophy (Helsinki, Finland) — 4th

Nebelhorn Trophy (Oberstdorf, Germany) — 4th  [click here to watch Ashley’s Team USA vlog for IceNetwork]

Personal Best Scores:

62.58 (SP) – 2017 Four Continents Championships

115.58 (FS) – 2016 Golden Spin

172.18 (TS) – 2016 Golden Spin