Meet Ashley


Actor(s)/Actress(es):Emma Stone, Johnny Depp, and Audrey Hepburn

Movie: The Notebook

TV Show(s): Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU, Gossip Girl, Botched

Magazine(s): SELF, Women’s Health, Architectural Digest

Song(s): Anything country

Color(s): Tiffany blue, Army green

Animal(s): Pigs, horses, giraffes

Food(s): sushi, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, cashews

Drink(s): Matcha green tea, black coffee, apple cider

Birthday: July 22, 1995

Coppell, Texas
Coaches: My parents! Peter and Darlene Cain
Training Center Dr. Pepper StarCenter Euless
Skating Club Skating Club of New York (Associate Club-Dallas Figure Skating Club)
Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, working out, interior design, playing with my puppy, hiking, vlogging, Pinterest, coffee enthusiast, fashion, riding horses
When did you begin skating?: I was 2 years old when I had my first skating experience. It was on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa with my grandparents. I first competed when I was 4 at a local competition.
How did you begin skating?: I come from a skating family. My dad competed for Australia in pairs at the 1980 Olympics and my mom competed for Canada in ice dance. I have many other family members who skate as well and my brother is a hockey player.
What is your favorite thing about skating?:  
The list could go on and on! I love the freedom I feel, the rip of the edge on the ice, the structure of being an athlete, and the expression of my thoughts and feelings through my movements.
What is your least favorite thing about skating?:   The negative people who will say whatever they feel whether you skate good or bad. The fear that can creep up on you when you least expect it. Skating takes a lot of mental strength and if you aren’t all in, then there can be falls or injuries.

Meet Timothy


Actor(s)/Actress(es): Jennifer Lawrence, Bette Davis, Jake Gyllenhaal

Movie(s): The Parent Trap, The Fountain, Steel Magnolias, The Heat, National Treasure

TV Show(s): RuPaul’s Drag Race, Cosmos, Game of Thrones

Magazine(s): The Atlantic

Song(s): any song by “Marina and the Diamonds”

Color(s): Black

Animal(s): Bears!

Food(s): Fried Chicken

Drink(s): Simply Orange

Birthday: May 4, 1990
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Coaches: Peter and Darlene Cain
Training Center: Dr Pepper StarCenter, Euless
Skating Club: Los Angeles Figure Skating Club
I love most outdoor activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and rollerblading. I also love yoga and dance.
When did you begin skating?: After watching the 2002 Olympics, I was very enamored with the sport. A few months later, I attended a school field to the ice rink where I took my first steps on the ice, and I instantly fell in love with the movement. A few months later, my parents surprised me by signing me up for the Learn to Skate program and I was overjoyed. I began in floppy rental skates in the “Adult and Teen 1” level. Monday nights couldn’t come soon enough each week because that was Learn to Skate night and I began to skate more public sessions to practice. About a year after when I was nearly 14 years old, my parents agreed to pay for private lessons. Now at 26, I’ve made this sport my life and I couldn’t be happier.
What is your favorite thing about skating?: I love the movement. I’ve always been attracted to the moving arts and to see people create art to music on such an interesting medium will always be thrilling to me. I also love when skaters really get into the music and start “Kwaning” (named for Michelle Kwan, she always had a wonderful way of loosing herself in the music).
What is your favorite thing about skating? I dislike the pressure and expectation put upon skaters to look a certain way and to be a certain weight, and I would like to see more promotion of positive body images.